Leading Practices,
Resources, and Information
Around Community Science
Community Science Exchange is a new platform, led by a coalition of societies and partners, aimed at developing and promulgating leading practices, resources, and information around community science.

Community Science (noun):
kəˈmyo͞onədē ˈsī-ən(t)s \
The equitable collaboration of science with communities aimed at outcomes for the
benefit of communities. Work can be collaboratively or community-led.

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Interested in Contributing?

As a first step, we recommend sending a presubmission inquiry to
Submissions to the Community Science Exchange, including project descriptions, resources, community comments, or news items are welcome.

To submit research articles and commentaries to the peer-reviewed journal Community Science, please visit the Journal Submissions page.

Editorial Board

Lead Editor

Kevin Noone
Lead Editor
Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University
American Geophysical Union
[email protected]

Deputy Editors

Paula R. Buchanan
Deputy Editor for the Journal
Instructor, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA), Tulane University
American Geophysical Union
[email protected]

Jean J. Schensul
Deputy Editor for the Knowledge Exchange
Director and Senior Scientist, Institute for Community Research
American Anthropological Association
[email protected]


Claire Francis Beveridge
Postdoctoral Associate, Tropical Rivers Lab
Florida International University
American Geophysical Union
[email protected]

Shobhana Gupta
Open Innovation and Community Applications Manager
NASA, Applied Sciences
American Public Health Association
[email protected]

Muki Haklay
Professor, University College London
Citizen Science Association
[email protected]

Julia Parrish
Professor and Associate Dean, University of Washington
Citizen Science Association
[email protected]

Heidi Roop
Professor, University of Minnesota
[email protected]

Kate Semmens
Science Director, Nurture Nature Center
[email protected]

Roopam Shukla
Postdoctoral Researcher, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
American Meteorological Society
[email protected]