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Call for Papers for “Rhythms of the Earth: Ecological Calendars and Anticipating the Anthropogenic Climate Crisis”

Indigenous and rural societies that have contributed least to the anthropogenic climate crises are facing its harshest consequences. One of the greatest challenges is the lack of predictability, especially at local scales. Indigenous and rural societies face an ever shifting “new normal” through increasing inconsistency in the seasonality of temperature and precipitation, and greater frequency…

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Justice-Centered and Emergent Knowledge through Indigenous and Earth Science Collaborations: A New Special Collection for Community Science

The urgent threat posed by our climate crisis necessitates innovative actions that look beyond Earth sciences to emerging solutions that engage a diversity of knowledge systems, and in doing so, support the rising voices of those who have been historically marginalized.

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Science societies launch Community Science Knowledge Exchange forum and the journal Community Science

Community Science Exchange is a new platform for advancing the practice and sharing the results of community science. Community science is the equitable collaboration of science with communities primarily aimed at outcomes for the benefit of communities. Work can be collaboratively or community-led. The platform includes a journal, Community...

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Society partners to launch a portal for community science

A movement has been growing to advance collaborative, multi-disciplinary and solutions-oriented scientific work done in close partnership with community leaders and community members. This type of work...

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