Community Science and Resilience Workshop to Support Potential NSF Funding Track

submitted by AGU

AGU is hosting a workshop to encourage the National Science Foundation (NSF) to launch a new community science and resilience funding track through the Convergence Accelerator program. If successful, tens of millions of dollars in grant funding could be committed to projects around the country starting in 2023.

AGU is gathering a diverse group of people already working in this space, from scientists to community leaders and policymakers, to join us to discuss the types of projects NSF could fund in a community science track and illustrate the potential outcomes that could come from their investment.

We’re also asking anyone who has big ideas to share them with us by September 26th through our site, but you don’t need to submit anything or do any prep work to participate in the workshop discussion.

We’re eager to have you join us for a half-day online workshop to share your insights and help us show the enormous potential impact a new NSF track would have on communities all around our country—read more about the 7 October workshop and register here.

It’s critical that NSF knows there is a large community committed to working in this space and interested in participating in projects supported through this potential funding track. A variety of ideas and enthusiastic participation in the workshop will demonstrate the demand for this work and provide data for NSFs decision-making.