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Leading Practices, Resources, and Information around Community Science

Community Science Exchange is a new platform, led by a coalition of societies and partners, aimed at developing and promulgating leading practices, resources, and information around community science.

Community Science (noun):
\ kəˈmyo͞onədē ˈsī-ən(t)s \
The equitable collaboration of science with communities aimed at outcomes for the benefit of communities. Work can be collaboratively or community-led.

Featured Resources and Projects

Atlanta Smog

Case Study: Atlanta

Atlanta's combination of air pollution and atmospheric chemicals makes it the most toxic city in the country. Increasingly, the city is joining the ranks of many cities attempting to address climate change at the local level.

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Rhythms of the land

RHYTHMS of the LAND: Indigenous Knowledge, Science, and Thriving Together in a Changing Climate

Why is Collaborative Research Important? This is a narrative of collaboratively generated insights for the diverse communities where we undertook research.

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Climate Toolkit

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

Meet the Challenges of a Changing Climate Learn about potential climate hazards so you can protect vulnerable assets.

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CSE Forum

Special Collection

Indigenous and rural societies that have contributed least to the anthropogenic climate crises are facing its harshest consequences. One of the greatest challenges is the lack of predictability, especially at local scales. Indigenous and rural societies face an ever shifting “new normal” through increasing inconsistency in the seasonality of temperature and precipitation, and greater frequency…Read more

Society partners to launch a portal for community science

A movement has been growing to advance collaborative, multi-disciplinary and solutions-oriented scientific work done in close partnership with community leaders and community members. This type of work with deeper collaborations is essential to address diverse societal challenges, meet sustainability goals, and help society mitigate and adapt to climate change at all scales. In turn, developing…Read more

Peer-Reviewed Journal: Community Science


Community Science is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing scientific outcomes of community science. Community Science welcomes contributions across scientific disciplines and is particularly interested in work that is relevant to or the product of multiple disciplines. Submission instructions can be found here.